Leila Veissi

02330 Espoo



Date of birth: September 22nd, 1995

Career goal: To find a job where I feel comfortable. Challenging and to get education and experience. Good salary and skills.

Personal profile: I know five different languages. I am in high school. I don’t have much experience but I am willing to learn and get experience. I am hard-working, self-reliant, adaptable and I have excellent social skills.

Language skills:          Finnish                   excellent

                                                English                    excellent

                                                Kurdi                       excellent

                                                Swedish                 good

                                                Spanish                  good

Computer skills: I am familiar with blogging and common operating systems and network services. I have basic knowledge of computers.

Education:  2011-(2014) Espoon yhteislyseon Upper Secondary school ( The matriculation 2014), 2007-2011 Maininki comprehensive school.

Work history: 2009  Tiimari, Espoo, 2009 Fazer amica , Espoo, 2010 bowling, Espoo, 2011 Tarjoustalo, Espoo

Achievements:  I have got a medal in a volleyball competition

Personal interests: Sports and travel


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